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Saving Water Indoors « Every Drop Counts
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  • Saving Water Indoors

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    • Take shorter showers.  You can save 3 gallons of water for every minute.
    • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth or shave.
    • Water plants with leftover dish or bath water or ice.
    • Fix leaky faucets and pipes.
    • Install water-efficient devices in the bathroom and kitchen.
    • If you see a leaky plumbing fixture, notify the manager to please have it fixed.
    • Use the sink garbage disposal sparingly or start a compost pile.
    • Always keep water conservation in mind and find ways to save in the kitchen. Small savings add up in time.
    • Take a shower instead of filling the tub and taking a bath.Showers with low-flow showerheads usually use less water than tub baths.
    • If you do take baths, try reducing the level of the water being used in a bathtub by one or two inches.